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I'm a passionate developer specializing in web development and ServiceNow. With a knack for crafting innovative solutions, I'm constantly exploring new technologies to create impactful projects.

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Cirque du Soleil

ServiceNow Developer

June 2023 - present

Implemented the WSD module enabling users to reserve a desk space via both the ESC portal and the Now Mobile app, utilizing an interactive floor plan.

Modernized ServiceNow catalog items by automating approval requests and creating order guides, including those tailored for new hires, to consolidate all provisioning item requests in one accessible location.

Implemented a custom ServiceNow solution to automate the onboarding and termination processes within the company. This solution involved integrating SuccessFactors with ServiceNow, streamlining HR operations and ensuring efficient management of employee lifecycle events.


Project Manager

May 2022 - Apr 2023

Project manager of multiple technical projects involving integrations with ServiceNow, such as Watson AI Ops, SevOne, and QRadar, for clients across various industries including telecommunications, healthcare, and finance.

Tracked the implementation progress of ServiceNow configurations, including ITSM, CSM, and ITOM (Discovery and Event Management).

Achieved ITIL 4 certification, as well as ServiceNow Certified Application Developer and Certified System Administrator certifications.


Data Developer

Jun 2021 - Apr 2022

Developed mapping specifications using C# and the Entity Framework to optimize data access.

Used efficient SQL queries to maintain and verify data.

Reduced production building time by 30% and improved overall software development efficiency.

Space Concordia

Software Developer

Aug 2019 - Jan 2022

Developing and integrating both front-end and back-end programming tasks for the international ERC (European Rover Challenge) competitions, obtaining efficient rover control.

Prototyping mainly in C++, Python, ROS, Flask, and JavaScript within a team environment across 130+ collaborators and 3200+ commits and PRs on the repository.

Creating autonomous rover simulations within Gazebo.

Colas Canada Inc.

IT Provision Analyst

May 2019 - Aug 2020

Managed requests on the IT ticketing system related to service level agreements and operational level agreements.

Monitored key metrics for access provisioning to ensure the timely, high quality and cost-effective execution of services.

Worked for multiple teams, such as IT, provisioning and infrastructure.


Motion Capture Hand

Motion Capture Hand

Using C to acquire and pre-process data from sensors with an Arduino Uno.

Mapped IMU and flex sensor data onto a virtual hand skeleton in Blender using its API to synchronize physical and virtual movement.

Wireless Motion Capture Rotation

Wireless Motion Capture Rotation

Created a cross-platform C++ app to read IMU sensor data, such as roll, pitch, yaw, quaternion, acceleration and angular velocity data.

Visualized quaternion data by applying rotations on a model with OpenGL.

Multiplayer Game with AI Mechanics

Multiplayer Game with AI Mechanics

Designed a card game with tactical strategy elements, incorporating options for multiplayer or single-player mode against an AI.

The AI gameplay utilized various algorithms including A-Star, BFS, DFS, and several heuristics.

Dynamic Graphs Displaying Fitness Data

Dynamic Graphs Displaying Fitness Data

Developed a fitness application using JavaScript that maps various fitness data to charts in real-time.

Implemented the observer pattern to track changes in the data and update the charts accordingly.